“Ifs” : More Poetry!

Posted: October 31, 2010 in Updates

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Here’s another awesome poem from Tuba Khan, XC, for you guys to enjoy!



If you ever figured how much I care,

U’d be so touched, it’d hurt.

I’m that star that would twinkle in the night, just to amuse you..

If I ever let u in,

U’d be so awestruck it’d make you laugh,

I’m that diamond that has no limited faces..

If u found out how much i coud give, u’d never think of anything else but taking it.

Im that fragrance of a flower that wud fill u from within..

If u ever get to knw abt my sensitivity it’d be a whole new level to the word ‘sensitivity’,

Im that raindrop that wud cry all the way with u..

If u ever et me love u u’d be so surprised with all that i have to give, it’d mesmerize u for as long as u live.

Im that heartthat goes on loving..

If i ever block u,

u’d have no choice but to forget me.

I’m that cocoon that just won’t open then..




Posted: October 31, 2010 in Updates

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A poem written by Aaisha Salman, XC.



Thoughts soar, flying free.
I’m taken where I want to be.
I’m going where the views I see,
Are things worlds apart.

Empty promises don’t exist,
Those feelings I cannot desist,
They take me by my wrist,
And run free with me.

Enchanted by the wonder,
No room for any blunder,
Happiness isn’t plundered,
And I am at peace.




Bake Sale!!

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Updates

So guess what we’re having? That’s right ….A Bake Sale!!! We’re all very excited about it. 🙂

When : Monday – Wednesday, Break time.

Where: Art Room.

Make sure you bring lots of extra money, so you can purchase all the delicious items we’re baking! There’ll be lots to choose from: pizzas, cakes, patties, tarts, biscuits, brownies, and what not.

So instead of going through the whole Canteen hassle on Monday through Wednesday, drop in by the Art Room, and enjoy all the food!

We’re all really looking forward to it, and we hope all of you have lots and lots of fun!!


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Tuba Khan, your Head Girl, sent in some more of her poetry for you to enjoy! It was her first write-up ever, though I don’t think it shows! 🙂

“The Hollow Solid Life: Attachment”

Ur waiting for ur frnd who’s sick.
U sit with this other frnd who fascinates u.
She asks u to sit with her permanently. U agree.
She talks, laughs, advices, teases, u get to know her better.
She gets real close to u.
U cant think of anything she wont share with u.
But ur the reserved, secretive type. U keep things to urself.
Time passes, she teaches u to trust her.
U go ahead, share.
Share the most beautiful time of ur life with her, the things u hate, u love.
Ur crushes, ur fears.
U depend on that person for everything now:
The advices, the scoldings, the smiles.
U knw she’d aways know how to make u feel better.
U trust that person like nthing in the world.
U get addicted to that person like anything.
Now its like: not one moment of ur life cud pass without u telling her what happened for that moment.
Wait. There’s sumthing wrong.
U didnt percieve properly.
U started trusting too easily.
U thot everything – one cud be trusted.
Alas! U fell flat on ur face!
She helped u up. Hugged u. Wiped ur tears.
Taught u again.
U love her, everything about her amazes u.
One day they tell u u’d have to let go.
U cant be that dependant on her anymore.
Ur devastated.
How cud u even think of getting separated?!
U cry! U cant be separated!
U pray. Ask Him to save u.
Ur eyes hurt. Ur head hurts.
Just when u think the tears tried up, they start again. Even more intensely.
No one can help it now.
U cant be dependant on her anymore.
U’d have to learn to stand on ur own.
She’s always tried to teach u to be strong, hasnt she?
Show her u can do it.
Make her proud.
Tell her u love her.

Some Awesome Photography!

Posted: October 24, 2010 in Updates

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Tehreem Iqbal, X-C brings you more awesome photography! 🙂 Be sure to check out more of her masterpieces on her facebook page!  http://www.facebook.com/El.Arte.By.Reemz 😉

Back in business!

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Updates

Stalled the posting for a while, but back in business now! Don’t stop sending your entries, keep em’ coming!! 🙂

“Nano after Papa”: A Poem

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Updates

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Zaina Khan, batch ’09-’10 with her great poetry!


She says,”This peom is the best I have ever written, as it gives the idea of how my nano feels after losing her husband. He was always there for her and it really hurts when the most important person in ones life passes away.Only a few friends and family members have read this poem and it’s for those who haven’t, so read it and I am waiting for comments..”


Nano after papa is in fear
As she lost her husband and is in tears
My nano is now in a great grief
How much she feels lonely she cannot brief
Every moment missing her husband
Missing her loving, admiring best friend
She says this with a great sorrow
My husband will not be there with me tomorrow
“Oh my husband where have you gone?
“After forty-nine years you’ve left me alone”
She says this with a sigh:
Why have u left me alone? why?
She cries saying where you are?
Why? why have you gone so far?